A Weekend in London

April 27, 2014

I went back home for a holiday to Ireland last week and any time I go back I stop over in London for a few nights to stay with my sister before returning to Sydney.

I absolutely love London and think the food there is some of the best in the world. Along with New York and Vancouver, it has some of the best restaurants I have ever been to so my whole visit was of course planned around food and where we were going to eat!
I had 3 nights so we picked our favourite restaurants in London, one for each night!
The first restaurant we went to was the amazing Nobu. I first went to the one in New York and was amazed by the food they served, it is truly out of this world! I’ve been to both locations in London since and it never disappoints! Nobu came about when Robert De Niro was dining out in an asian restaurant in Beverly Hills and was so impressed with the chef that he invited him to go into a restaurant partnership with him. This became so successful that now there are branches in London and all over the US!
Its a Japanese restaurant and you can find the menu here.
We basically just ordered lots of dishes and shared everything! We started in the bar downstairs and had some amazing cocktails, a Rising Sun Margarita garnished with real honey comb dripping down into the cocktail and a ‘PPC’; Pisco, pear liquor and cinnamon syrup. Both were delicious!
For dinner, we started sharing some tuna tartar with caviar. It came served in a bowl of shaved ice and it was so fresh and cool. 
After this we had a mini lobster taco each, which came with a delicious avocado dipping sauce. 
Next was some popcorn shrimp which was a really big portion of tempura shrimp and 3 dipping sauces. After this was sautéed scallop in a truffle sauce followed by the restaurants signature dish: Black miso Cod.
The miso cod is absolutely amazing, it melts in your mouth and is covered in the most addictive sauce we always order extra sauce to dip into. If you go to Nobu I would definitely recommend trying this, you can go for a half or full sized potion and its amazing!
Burger and Lobster
Burger and Lobster is exactly what it says on the tin! With no dinner menu, you have 2 choices; Burger or Lobster. Both are £20 and served with salad and chips.
£20 pounds for a full lobster dinner is such good value for London and I come here every single time I visit- what’s not to love!
If your ordering the lobster, you can choose between the lobster roll; lobster meat and mayo served in a brioche bun. Its delicious but I personally prefer the full Lobster which you can have grilled or steamed and comes with a delicious garlic and herb butter. I always get more butter and dip the chips in this too! Sounds sick, but once you try it there is no going back! The restaurant also has a great bar and cocktail list.
The only catch with burger and lobster is they do not take bookings for tables under 6 and the place is always absolutely packed! You usually have to wait at least an hour on the waiting list any evening of the week so the best plan is to go early, around 6pm, stick your name down and go to a nearby bar for some drinks for an hour or until they phone you when the tables ready. Its so worth it, trust me!!
We were complete fattys this time and ordered a lobster roll to start (we shared) and followed it with a full lobster each! For just £30 pounds each, it was such an amazing meal!
This was my first time going to Christophers. My sister had been before and booked it for my last night before heading back to Sydney. It’s a bit pricey, so more somewhere to go for a birthday or celebration dinner! Its in Covent Gardens and the building itself is gorgeous. It’s really old and has a big ending staircase going from the downstairs martini bar up to the dining room. The service was amazing and the food was even better. They had delicious freshly baked bread rolls to start served with homemade different flavoured butters. 
My Dad came for dinner too so, altogether, to start, we ordered the Tuna Tartare, Homemade burrata cheese and the crab cakes.
I had the tuna tartare, which was really fresh and came on a lovely avocado bed. The crab cakes were amazing too and it was pretty much pure crabmeat, not the potato mix.
For main course, we all went for the Lobster Thermidor and all loved it. We also got the lobster mac and cheese as a side (obsessed with lobster- I know!) and cheddar mash and both were unbelievable!
We were pretty stuffed after all that food but the dessert menu looked amazing, so we decided to share the sharing platter! Everything was great but the maple pecan pie was out of this world! Next time, I would just get that by itself!
The Game
Besides the food, one of the most fun experiences I’ve had in London was playing ‘The Game’. HintHunt is an escape game that was designed in London. Its a game made for groups of 3-5 people where its like a real life game of cluedo! Basically, you are locked into a room for an hour and you have to figure out all the clues inside so that you can ‘escape’. Its not as weird or scary as it sounds though! You have to work together as a group to figure out a series of clues that lead to the escape and everyone gets so competitive, its honestly so much fun! I don’t want to give the game away so I won’t say any more than that, but have a look on the website and its such a fun thing to do!
Evans and Peel
Evans and Peel is a secret bar similar to something you would see during Prohibition or out of Boardwalk Empire. When you go to the street address, you would never think there was a bar there. It literally is a closed door on a residential street.
Their disguise is a detective agency. So basically, the secret bar is hidden behind the detectives office and you have to play up to this disguise. To go to the bar, you have to call or email the ‘detective’ a week in advance and make up a problem that you need to make an appointment with the detective about.
Once you go into the office and meet the detective, you are let through to the secret bar which is so cool and always packed with people! (I don’t know how so many people know about it?!) There is an amazing atmosphere and the decor is really old school.
It sounds a bit crazy but it was such a fun night out and its really funny if you make the appointment but don’t tell your friends whats going on and just bring them to this random office- they will all think you have gone nuts!

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