Crunchy Gemfish with Babaganoush

March 22, 2016


Hey guys, good to be back to the blog! I was away in Fraser Island all last week so it got deserted for a few days. Fraser was so so beautiful and I really felt like I needed to disconnect from all technology for a few days.

It’s so nice to be without wifi and in nature for a few days to fully switch off. Since Christmas, I have started my own design business, committed to my blog and developing recipes more and also have a couple of more projects budding which I will announce very soon.

As great as all that sounds, I was really starting to run myself into the ground. I was pretty anxious to go off my emails for that long, but turns out, that was exactly what I needed.

I have been able to step back, re-evaluate my surroundings and try to implement some things to get me back on track.

The main things I am going to be trying to really commit to are:

  1. Stop working around the clock. Im sure a lot of business owners/ business people in general are in the exact same boat, but it really is so hard to stop working, especially when it is a new business and you don’t have boundaries and structures in place yet. But I am going to make sure I get at least 2 hours break during the day.
  2. Making exercise a daily commitment. I can honestly thank Yoga for my sanity and don’t want to see myself without this practice!
  3. Organising my time better and being more mindful. Some days I am running around like a headless chicken for the day just putting out fires. I want to stop multi-tasking and really focus on just one thing at a time. Which is a massive challenge for me!

Does anyone have any other tips for being more productive? I love the saying ‘work smart, not hard’ and this is something I’m working on!

Anyway, during this busy period, I have also made sure to take time out to cook most days as for me, it is so therapeutic. This recipe was developed a few weeks ago, as I had a a lot of granola leftover from my Chia Granola Pudding and thought it would be delicious to make a crumbed fish with. That combined with the smokiness of the babaganoush makes such a comforting warming dish. Really healthy and easy to make too.

My lovely friend Brenda Janschek also posted this on her website last week, after I told her about it when we worked together on her beautiful new eBook Real Food For Hungry Teens.

I am lucky enough that I am doing a lot of design work for people in the food industry lately which allows me to combine my two loves: Food & Design. I shot all of the recipes and designed the book and it was such a pleasure to work with Brenda, who is such a beautiful person inside and out. Enjoy! xx

Crunchy gemfish and babaganoush

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