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April 13, 2016
I used to really struggle with falling asleep. It could take me an hour or 2 of just lying there before sleep would eventually come around. For me, I think it was due to over-thinking and stress. But a few changes I have made has really helped me have a deeper longer sleep.

I know I go on about Yoga quite a bit, but it is truly amazing! When I first started yoga, I hated it! I was just waiting for the class to be over and was so distracted and uncommitted. Shavasana was the worst! I would be lying there just wondering when we would be done and what I was going to have for dinner.. now it is my favourite but and I find it hard to get up when it’s over as I am so relaxed!
That being said, everyone has their own personal preferences and what works for me may not appeal to you. But the common ground here is movement. By exercising and moving your body, especially in the evening, it’s using your energy and you will be so relaxed afterwards
I find reading, even for 20 minutes before bed, really relaxes me and prepares my body and mind to shut down. Use a dimmed bedside lamp instead of bright lights.
Herbal Tea
Be careful of your caffeine intake in the evenings. Not just coffee, soft drinks and even green tea contain caffeine! I usually have a cup of chamomile which is a really relaxing & calming herbal blend.
Magnesium is such an amazing mineral, I would be so lost without it! Magnesium is great for recovery and also promotes a deep sleep. I take a magnesium supplement every night before bed and I have the deepest sleep on it, it’s amazing! Also great for PMS, this is seriously the miracle mineral!
Essential Oils
I am obsessed with essential oils. The smell of essential oils makes me so relaxed and calm. Just dab some calming scents on your pillow and you will be drifting off in no time! I love the Serenity blend by Springfields aromatherapy 

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