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May 5, 2016


Jessica is a passionate foodie and qualified, practicing Nutritionist with a Bachelor Health Science (Nutrition), with ten years of clinical experience. Jess is the founder and business owner of the successful Jessica Cox Nutritionist Clinic based in Brisbane, Australia. The Jessica Cox Nutritionist Clinic (JCNC) treats all facets of health conditions, though specialises with ongoing digestive issues and food intolerances.

Jess is also the creator of the Jessica Cox website and blog, which is an expression of everything she loves rolled into one, including her passion for creating recipes that catering for food intolerances. 

Tell us a little about yourself and how you developed an interest in health & food?

I grew up on an almost self sustainable farm until I was in my early teens, so I had a lot of early influence in regards to how wonderful food is when it comes straight from the land. I consequently saw the difference when I first moved out of home and rebelled with eating all the wrong sorts of foods. The classic stuff like way too much junk food, too much alcohol etc. I really felt a pull back to my roots very quickly, as I innately knew how much better I would feel eating a more healthy intake of food. I was always really interested in different diets and eating to ‘heal the body’. I’m not sure where this came from, it was like some burning interest within. From an early age I experimented with different ways of eating, some to my detriment at the time, but in hindsight they were valuable learning curves. The major influence came when in my early to mid 20’s I suffered with a lot of hormonal issues that the orthodox medical model could not seem to help me with no matter how hard I tried. Once I began investigating for myself alternative ways of helping myself through nutrition I was overwhelmingly surprised with the steady positive results that came about. I was hooked!


What has most surprised you about the health world on your journey so far?

That there are so many misconceptions about health out there! These can vary from certain diets that are perceived as healthy to certain foods or food groups that are perceived as bad for you right, through to the fact that eating health is ‘ hard’ or ‘expensive’ or ‘unobtainable’. Eating well and taking care of yourself is actually really easy when you have the right tools for you.


What is your favourite go-to recipe? 

At the moment it’s my Chocolate Truffle Balls. They are a real favourite and they are a consistent afternoon snack for me.


It seems no matter how dedicated anyone is, they always have some weak days when they feel like throwing in the towel. What is your biggest motivation to continue your health & food journey on days like these?

I personally find that living a healthy lifestyle becomes an ingrained habit, so I don’t really have times or days where I am like ‘ sod it, this sucks and I am going to eat a big mac’. I am motivated each day by feeling well and vibrant and wanting to maintain this. If I do eat foods that upset me or have a few too many pinot’s then feeling sluggish the next day is motivation enough!


There is so much contradictory information out there about how to live life well and be the best version of yourself. If you could pick one piece of advice that has stuck with you, what would it be?

Be careful not to take on too much at once. Start with one step at a time and slowly create change that becomes a lifestyle instead of a ‘quick fix’ approach. We aim to teach this to all of our clients at the JCN clinic. Also, find what works best for you. There are so many different diets out there at the moment, all promising the best results when it comes to wellness. However we are all uniquely and beautifully different, so it would be crazy to think that one diet would suit everyone.


How do you approach living a holistic life and the mind, body & spirit connection?

I try to ensure that not only am I nourishing my body with great food and staying hydrated, but also I am additionally spending time disconnecting from our fast paced lifestyle. I do yoga and walk a few times a week to really unwind, I ensure I spend quality ‘me time’ as I recharge best in my own company. I also like to feed my mind with new information outside the spectrum of my industry. This often involves listening to inspiring podcast that make me laugh and cry all at once.


What is your ideal morning routine?

Oh that’s easy! Waking at 6am feeling refreshed after a BIG sleep to start. Starting the day with a matcha almond milk latte (current obsession) then heading to the bayside for a big walk and listen to my favourite podcast. Then back to the house for a homecooked breakfast such as some pancakes or a smoothie with my favourite toast toppers.


You have grown your business so well and have such an amazing following. Every business takes dedication and hard work, but it seems there are a million strategies out there on how to be successful. Are there any things you can pinpoint that really helped you to grow and lead you to the place you are at today?

This is really an essay in itself, yet the most pertinent thing that comes to mind is authenticity. Find what you want to do, believe in yourself and then be authentic in your journey to put your dreams into reality. People see through you if you are not being true to who you are. For more on this however I have a blog post/video post on my website.


What are your favourite restaurants/ cafes? 

In Brisbane I love my local café called Eclectea in Brighton for the best choc chilli chai and a great atmosphere. I must say though a lot of my favourite places are outside of Brisbane. I adore Brewtown, John Smith Café and Longrain in Syndey for instance. I also love Top Paddock and Store Fifteen in Melbourne.


You have successfully turned your vision of a healthier life into an amazing health business. Any advice for budding health-repreneurs out there?

Find your niche! There are so many people diving into this industry. Find what makes your heart sing, follow your passion and believe in yourself. I am a strong believer in your drive for success coming from an inherent belief in yourself.


Jess is available for consultations at her clinic based in Brisbane, along with Skype and Phone consultations for national and international clients. Contact Jess with any queries or questions at or email Source great food ideas and more by following Jess on: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest.

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